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Dr. Barbara Barth | Familienzahnärztin | 1180 Wien

Everyone should feel welcome at my practice, and leave with a radiant smile.

Dr. Barbara Barth

What sets us apart.

family-oriented and modern

As a family dentist, I and my team offer a comfortable environment and modern treatment for children, youth, best-agers and seniors. Our goal is to make even complicated cases and diagnoses understandable to you.

Für Klein und Groß schaffen wir eine freundliche und verständnisvolle Atmosphäre | Dr. Barbara Barth | Familienzahnärztin | 1180 Wien

compassionate and personalised

For the whole family – we create a friendly and compassionate atmosphere where we address your individual needs. Our newly renovated practice meets the highest hygienic and technical standards. As my mother’s successor, I am fortunate to have taken over a well-established team.

Als Familienzahnärztin bieten wir angenehmes Ambiente und moderne Behandlung für Kinder, Jugendliche, Best-Agers und Senioren. | Dr. Barbara Barth | Familienzahnärztin | 1180 Wien

competent and experienced

During my time as an assistant doctor at the Vienna University Dental Clinic, I managed to gain sufficient experience in acute treatment and in solving complex dental cases. At the Department of Oral Surgery, I expanded my skills in oral surgery from implantology to apical resection and wisdom tooth extraction. As a certified paediatric dentist, I was part of the paediatric department there from the very beginning.


What we offer.

From milk teeth to a gorgeous smile, and everything in between, we ensure that you and your loved ones can go through everyday life with the absolute best teeth.
In order to educate children on healthy oral hygiene, they should visit a dentist from the time they get their very first tooth. Older patients and those who have had bad experiences are also in good hands with us.

Paediatric dentistry

Paediatric dentistry

We repair children’s teeth with lots of attention and care, clean out cellars, put teeth to sleep, and do our magic to make crowns. Children are taught about oral hygiene and learn how to brush their teeth properly. We take children and their fears seriously, and they in turn recognise the importance of having healthy teeth.



If a tooth and its root can no longer be preserved, it should be replaced to ensure that patients can eat and chew properly. In addition to removable solutions, such as prostheses or fixed bridges anchored to adjacent teeth, a tooth can also be replaced with an implant. A titanium screw is anchored in the bone and a crown is fitted in a second step.

Dental prophylaxis / Oral hygiene

Dental prophylaxis / Oral hygiene

Regular professional teeth cleaning is important to keep healthy and ensure a radiant smile. You will also receive instructions on how to improve your oral hygiene at home. Existing gingival pockets can be reduced and bad breath avoided. Furthermore, tooth decay can be detected early.

Odontology / Restorative dentistry

Odontology / Restorative dentistry

We offer patients fillings and dentures using different materials, root canal treatments, crowns, bridges and veneers. The same applies to surgical services such as apicoectomy, wisdom tooth removal, and surgical exposure of displaced teeth. If you have orthodontic questions (regarding, for example, braces), we will refer you and your child to specialised colleagues.


Our team.

Our team is well-established and strives to offer people of all ages pleasant and modern treatments.​

Dr. dent. Barbara Barth | Familienzahnärztin | 1180 Wien

Dr. dent. Barbara Barth

» Do I like to attent to, clean, repair, remove and beautify teeth? YES!!! «

Edljira | Familienzahnärztin | 1180 Wien


Dental prophylaxis assistant

» I see I see what you don't see! «

Ela | Familienzahnärztin | 1180 Wien



» In stillness lies strength. «

Olivia | Familienzahnärztin | 1180 Wien


» I sometimes help out at the front desk. «


Our practice.

Wir nehmen Kinder und ihre Ängste ernst | Dr. Barbara Barth | Familienzahnärztin | 1180 Wien
Das Team von Dr. Barbara Barth | Familienzahnärztin | 1180 Wien

Modern and state-of-the-art.

In addition to a cosy waiting room, we have our own X-ray room with panoramic X-rays and two modern treatment rooms. Disposable toothbrushes and your very own room to brush your teeth are available for those coming straight from work or school. The instruments are cleaned and prepared in accordance with the latest hygienic standards, and regular further training in treatment and hygiene is a matter of course for all employees.

Wir nehmen Kinder und ihre Ängste ernst | Dr. Barbara Barth | Familienzahnärztin | 1180 Wien

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